about bcyt

BCYT is a local charity working with children and young people in Berwickshire. The trust was developed from interchurch youthwork and now works in partnership with local churches of many denominations in order to see youth and childrenswork provided throughout the area. We also work in partnership with local schools to help in the provision of the Curriculum for Excellence and to support and serve the children and staff of Berwickshire as much as we can.

The charity is run by 5 trustees and a group of 11 folks from local churches, including church leaders, who form the management committee.  This group and its subcommittees make decisions about the priorities and day-to-day running of the Trust.  

The Trust employs 2 people - a full time local area worker who works in schools, churches and the community, and a second worker whose job is a mixture of administration and primary schools work.

Our workers are based in an office on the industrial estate in Duns (Platform One). Feel free to pop in: they might even make you a cup of coffee!   And here they are...


Mark Bruce is our full-time youth worker.

Mark lives in Reston with his wife and children, he enjoys playing music and surfing in his free time.


Stuart Otley is our part time administrator and children's worker.

Stuart lives in North Northumberland with his wife, Anne, they have four children.  He also shares his home with a number of animals, including sheep and donkeys, two hairy dogs, chinchillas, snakes, frogs, and an iguana and several turtles and tortoises (his particular passion).  As well as working for BCYT, Stuart is also a  part-time teacher in  Northumberland. He's very involved in his local church, where he helps with children's services.

The Trust is affiliated with Scripture Union Scotland  and our workers and young people benefit from taking part in many of the events organised by SU, including SU holidays, training for staff, school SU groups and much more.